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Different Types Of Tops Any Lady Would Want


There are wide ranges of tops to choose from in the market. Fashion trends have made it possible, to choose a top of different design, color, pattern and a unique pattern for various occasions. Listed below are different varieties of boutique tops that will help you make a fashion statement.

Ruffled topsASDxASAS

This type of top has some ruffles around the neckline. This adds a little sparkle on the top. This has been on the market for quite some time and has remained a trendy top for quite some time. You can find either a top with small ruffles or voluminous ruffles. Small ruffled tops are ideal for girls with a big bust size while the large ones are perfect for girls with a small bust size.


Tunics are ideal for girls of all body shapes. They are most appropriate and attractive when put on with skinny jeans or leggings. They are designed to have a loose fitting that falls beneath the hip size. Whether you have a small body shape or a big, one you can buy a tunic to achieve the desired illusion.

Tank tops

This type of top is characterized with a strip or strap along the neck region. Also, they appear to be slim along the abdomen area. Some trendy, tank tops may have a ruffle or a thin ribbon. They are good option to put on during the winter season.


Halter-tops are an ideal wear for evening and dinner wear. They look great on girls with slender shoulders and toned arms. Some of these tops come with an adjustable tie and a gathered neckline. Thus, people of different sizes can fit in such tops.

ASAASDxSKaftan tops

This type of top can be put on several occasions. You can put this top during the day at night or even when having a walk at the beach. They are comfortable. They are a good top option to be worn during summer. To have an attractive look, make a point of blending it with an appropriate outfit.

Peasant tops

This top has a vintage look. It is a cool type to have. Also, it is also comfortable. They come in a variety of vibrant colors that you can settle for. More to this, they have a beautiful embroidery.