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How To Wear Different Types Of Scarves


There are various types of scarves that you can put on. Most people do not know that there are various types of scarves and this makes it difficult to buy when you are looking for a certain scarf to buy. Scarves are of different categories and you need to know how to adorn them before buying the right scarf for your needs.

Scarves are broadly categorized into infinity and ruffle scarf. The categories are based on the how the scarves are made and the style of the scarf. Some categories are arrived at depending on the material that makes the scarf, such as sashay scarf.

Types of scarves and how to wear them

Ruffle sashay scarfapparelsrightasdfghj

This is a popular type of scarf whose name originated from the material used in making it and the style. It is made from sashay yarn and has a ruffle look. Ruffle sashay is a delicate scarf type and should be handled with utmost care. This type of scarf is useful for keeping warm but its main use is for fashion. It has a petty ruffle look that makes it look fancy or dressy. Sashay yarn is a beautiful type of yarn that makes these scarves useful for dressing any outfit. If you need to wear it to date, church or a place you need to dress well then this is the right scarf for you.

Infinity scarf

This is yet another category of scarves which gets its name from the design. Infinity scarves are made in circle hence it is hard to see the end from the beginning. This type of scarf comes in different designs that include the single loop which is normally worn in a loop around the neck. Double loop is the other type of and it is worn in double circles. Finally there is the three loop type which is worn to resemble three circles.

Plain scarf

apparelsleftasdfghjThis type of scarf is popular among men. Women may use it when they want a one color scarf to keep them warm. It is made of any type of yarn with one color and are usually not fancy. These scarves are meant to be worn for warmth around the neck with the ends hanging. There are some extra-long types which can be wrapped numerous times around your neck.

These different types of scarves should help you know what to go for next time you want to buy a scarf. Make sure your outfit goes down well with the scarf you buy.