General Questions I need emergency housing, whom do I call? If you are female, 18 or older, contact the Welcome Centre Shelter for Women directly at 519-971-7595. Males are encouraged to contact the Salvation Army at 519-253-7473. What kinds of services does the Welcome Centre provide for residents? The Centre offers an emergency shelter program, an emergency food bank program for women residing West of Crawford St, a drop-in social work referral program for any woman who self-identifies as at-risk for losing their housing, as well as a drop-in program called The Blue House, in partnership with the Aids Committee of Windsor (targeting street-involved women in the Drouillard Road area). How many people does the Welcome Centre serve? The Centre serves approximately 400 women annually through the emergency shelter program and upwards of 1000 families through our emergency food bank program. How many beds does the Welcome Centre have? The Welcome Centre Shelter for Women has 11 designated emergency beds for women experiencing homelessness that are per diem funded and 1 available bed for women experiencing homelessness or short-term housing displacement on an as-needed basis. I would like host a fundraising event to support the Welcome Centre. What do I need to know? All fundraising efforts are greatly appreciated! Independent fundraisers may note proceeds will benefit the Welcome Centre. If you would like to discuss some ideas or options for ways you can encourage family and friends to engage in fundraising efforts, please email the Centre social worker at socialwork@well-comecentre.ca What is your charitable tax number?  #13301 7897 RP0001 What are your sources of funding? The Centre, like many non-profits, relies on a variety of funding sources to continue our much-needed programming. Emergency shelter per diem is covered at a current cost of $43.50 per night/per client for the shelter program and is cost-shared between the province and municipality (80/20). In addition, the Centre utilizes various provincial and federal grants (as available) to assist in implementing programs. Donations and fundraising efforts are also much needed components of the Welcome Centre budget. Can I get a tax receipt for an in-kind donation? Unfortunately, due to staffing constraints and a strong desire to ensure we are meeting the requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency, at this time the Centre does not normally provide receipts for gift-in-kind donations. If you believe you have a gift-in-kind item that would require a tax receipt, please contact the executive director directly to discuss how we may be able to facilitate your charitable giving. Will I get a tax receipt if I make a donation to the Welcome Centre? Yes, any financial donations are provided a tax receipt at year end. Tax receipts are issued in accordance with standards set by the Canada Revenue Agency. How is your organization governed? The Centre operates with a volunteer board of directors, made up of 10 community members with varying backgrounds and involvement in the non-profit sector. Board space is also designated for women with lived experience with homelessness and poverty. At the ground level, the Centre is governed by a women-centric and anti-oppressive framework of support staff who work together to meet clients’ needs. Volunteer Questions How do I volunteer? If you are interested in becoming a team member in one of the Centre programs please contact the centre social worker to receive an application (socialwork@well-comecentre.ca). Volunteers are an asset and valued parts of all programs; as such, we require a minimum time commitment of 3 hours weekly to ensure consistency for clients. What are the qualifications/requirements for becoming a volunteer? The Welcome Centre recognizes the importance of lived experience in shaping our interactions with our clients. As such, we have no minimum requirement for education or experience and will work with each volunteer to determine best fit based upon strengths, interests, and availability. The Centre does require that all applicants be at least 18 years of age or over. Ive received professional training (counsellor, nurse). May I practice that as a volunteer? Skilled practitioners who would like to share their expertise are certainly welcome; social workers must be registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, and those identifying areas of interest that include counselling or therapy must be registered with the appropriate association and have a minimum Master level degree in clinical social work, counselling, or counselling psychology. Additionally, any volunteer noting a professional practice must provide proof of the necessary insurance coverage to practice in this area and registration in the appropriate areas. I have a special skill or hobby that I want to share.  Can I volunteer in this capacity? Please contact the Centre social worker at socialwork@well-comecentre.ca to discuss how best to fit your skill or hobby into programming; this assists in maximizing the available events and activities for clients and ensures adequate planning and preparation time for volunteers to share in special event activities.