Our Mission Goals

Our programs promote personal empowerment, social and family development, healthy living and full participation in society.

Welcome Centre Shelter for Women programs help women end the cycle of homelessness, poverty and violence in their lives.

The following values represent the core beliefs of the organization. The Welcome Centre Shelter for Women believes in

Our programs and services are women-centered and empower women to recognize their self-worth and inherent power.

We respect all women and promote inclusion.

We offer a safe and caring environment for women where they can be free of violence.

We are committed to ensuring that our programs are responsive to changes in our community.

The Welcome Centre Shelter for Women collaborates with other community agencies and services to offer a variety of supports to women.

The organization is open and accountable to people, volunteers, partners, funders and the community.

All staff, students, and volunteers working at the shelter are women who are striving to become role models of empowered women. The women involved with the shelter believe patriarchy is a system that does not work for women and children; they are engaged in changing the laws and creating more options for women while helping the community to acknowledge the impact of gendered violence, poverty, racism and all other forms of oppression has on the lives of women. Our goal is to serve as leader in the womens movement within the community at large.

Centre Objectives and Goals

To provide emergency shelter, food, support, political education/action and advocacy to women experiencing homelessness within a safe, stable, and inclusive environment.
To offer all services utilizing a feminist, anti-racist, anti-oppressive approach that is focused on minimizing power imbalances between staff, residents, students, volunteers and board members
To recognize and support the strengths and abilities of each woman, and to encourage each woman to have confidence in her ability to take charge of her own life.
To seek support and guidance from homeless women in the development, implementation, and evaluation of all programs and services.
To provide opportunities for individual and group exploration, analysis and problem-solving around the oppression of women, poverty, and homelessness and how these forms of oppression may be interfering with the life of a resident and her ability to feel empowered.
To provide women with emotional and social support that focuses on her resilience and empowerment through individual support, mutual aid and self-help.
To assist women in attaining safe and affordable housing, income support/employment, long-term supports and other resources required to help her move toward self-reliance and independence.
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