In July of 1989, five women concerned about social justice and poverty issues came together to begin exploring the need for a womens agency. During the following six months, a needs assessment was conducted and gaps in services were identified. The process of incorporation, obtaining non-profit status and developing fundraising initiatives was established. In February 1990, service delivery began at 142 McKay Avenue. Volunteers became a vital part of the organization. The aim of the Centre was to create a non-threatening, non-adversarial, comfortable, participatory and supportive environment in which women felt a sense of empowerment. The staff defined empowerment as a model of social support that presented a joint endeavour by the client and staff to increase individual choice. The philosophy of the Centres model of support reflects a feminist perspective and this perspective has led to the development of a women-centered program based on the empowerment model. As early as 1998, the Welcome Centre Shelter for Women was approached by the Social Services Department of the Corporation of the City of Windsor to provide emergency shelter to women experiencing homelessness. New quarters were purchased at 263 Bridge Avenue to replace former smaller quarters at 142 McKay Avenue. In January 2000, the Well-Come Home Womens Shelter, under the umbrella organization of the Welcome Centre Shelter for Women, was created and began accepting women into the shelter. In 2005, the Welcome Centre underwent major revisions, increasing from 8 to 11 single beds and making additional changes to the structure of the building. The Welcome Centre Shelter for Women now offers programming to women 18 and over to assist women in ending the cycle of homelessness, poverty and violence. – See more at: https://web.archive.org/web/20150826230218/https://www.well-comecentre.com:80/about-us/herstory/#sthash.25iPNtif.dpuf